Sunday, March 2, 2008

Human Genome - Video Special

While searching Google Videos, I ran across a very good series from the Charlie Rose show. The series is from June 2000 - but it has an excellent overview of the Human Genome project and DNA.

Here is a link to all of these excellent videos in a single place.

The first video features Craig Venter.

Part 2 featured Paul Nurse, James Watson, Eric Lander and Craig Venter

Part 3 features Harold Varmus, Arnold Levine and Savio Woo.

Part 4 features Nicholas Wade, Richard Preston, William Haseltine and Viren Mehta.

The final video in this series features Henry Kissinger, Hamilton Smith, Harold Varmus, Arnold Levine, James Watson, William Haseltine, Arthur Caplan, Craig venter and Francis Collins.

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